Perspectives let you display faceted understandings of a place. 

Perspectives are specific to the Places Knowledge Maps site. They let you switch between different place trees, each with a different "perspective" or focus. Perspectives don't interact with each other. They're just different place trees within Places.

If you add a child to a KMap, it will stay on the same perspective tree as the parent term. Some KMaps may share names across perspectives. For example, "Charlottesville" can be considered from the "national administrative unit" perspective, but also from the "cultural regions" perspective. However, the "cultural-region Charlottesville" KMap is NOT the same as the "national-administrative Charlottesville" KMap, since they're on two different trees. 

You can switch perspectives from the Knowledge Maps editors by selecting Perspectives from the Main Menu. We've included a detailed step-by-step guide at the bottom of the page. We've also listed each perspective here, with examples. 

List of Perspectives

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Switching Perspectives

  1. Go to the places editor at
  2. Click on the Main Menu icon
  3. Click Perspectives
  4. Choose the perspective you want to see
    • The perspective tree will open