Confluence has been upgraded! is now a read-only repository. It will be permanently decommissioned on December 15, 2019. Visit UVA's new instance of Confluence to create new wikis or modify existing content.

You will receive a notification in your workbox when a user shares a page with you, mentions you in Confluence, comments on a page you are watching, or likes a page you are watching. You cannot delete notifications yourself; read notifications are automatically deleted after 2 weeks, while unread notifications are automatically deleted after 4 weeks.
  1. Open the relevant space
  2. In the toolbar on the right, click on the icon that looks like a tray (the text "Open Notifications" appears when you hover over it)
    • A dialogue box, called the workbox, will open, showing a list of notifications and the dates they were received
  3. Click on a notification in the list to see details
    • The dialogue box will display the content of the notification
  4. You can then open the page the notification concerns, like or unlike the page, reply to a comment, and watch or stop watching the page