Use Visuals in the Mandala suite to explore your data with charts, graphs, and more. Mandala Visuals integrates with Google Spreadsheets to make adding data easy. 

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This guide helps you create a collaborative, student-crowdsourced timeline in Mandala Visuals.

John Alexander used this timeline for the course he co-taught with Walt Heinecke "Documenting UVA's Future." This course, inspired by the ouster and reinstatement of UVA President Teresa Sullivan, documented the event using oral histories.

Since many students were not in Charlottesville for the ouster, John Alexander helped them make a collaborative timeline of the proceedings in class, which included links to primary sources. This helped them understand the flow of information surrounding the ouster. Afterward, he shared the timeline with his students, so that they could reference it throughout the semester.

To make a crowdsourced timeline: 

  1. Create a Google Spreadsheet
  2. Enter your data 

  3. Format your spreadsheet 
  4. Log in to Visuals
  5. Create a new visualization
  6. Invite student contributions in class

  7. Add the visualization to UVaCollab

Try this project!

This guide walks you through making a dynamic timeline in Mandala Visuals. We'll show you how to set up your spreadsheet, then use that data in Visuals. Then, you'll use customization settings to make your timeline look the way you want.  The final timeline will look something like this:

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