If you're an instructor, see Walkthrough for Instructors to learn what your workflow would be like in this project.


 Here's a real-life example of NowComment in the classroom:

Students use NowComment in John Alexander's class to upload and peer-review drafts of their classmates' final papers.

After reading their classmates' papers, students can peer review by using the add a comment, reply to a comment, and suggest revisions features.

For Students 

If you're a student, follow the instructions below on how to use NowComment for peer review.

Table of contents
  1. Log in to NowComment from UVaCollab
  2. Share your paper with your class group
  3. Read and highlight your classmate's paper
  4. Peer review your classmate's paper
    1. Reply to a classmate's comment
    2. Suggest revisions to your classmate's paper

1.Log in to NowComment from UVaCollab  

First, log in to UVaCollab. Click the class tab where you're using NowComment.


  From your class site, click NowComment in the left sidebar menu.


On the NowComment group page in UVaCollab, find the "Documents" box. This box shows documents that have been uploaded to the NowComment class group.

If the box is empty, this means that no one has uploaded documents to the class group.

In the bottom right of the "Documents" box, click the link “Browse Documents on NowComment.com" to log into NowComment from your UVaCollab class site.

Your class group's homepage in NowComment will open.


To learn about roles that group members and administrators have in NowComment, see the Understand User Capabilities step-by-step guide.

2.Share your paper with your class group

From your class group's homepage, click the Upload Document tab in the navigation bar.

Upload a document to a class group

It's important to be located on your class group's homepage when you click "Upload Document." Your location will prompt a check box to appear on the "Upload Document" page that asks if you want to share your document with your class group. Checking this box will save you the step of inviting your class group to your document after upload.

On the “Upload Document” page, click the file format of your paper.


For instructions on how to upload a document, see our Add Documents step-by-step guides.

Add a Document Note

In the document uploading process, you'll be taken to the "Advanced Features" page where you have the option to "disallow revision suggestions." We recommend that you allow your classmates to submit revision suggestions of your paper to you.

3.Read and highlight your classmate's paper

Once your classmate has uploaded his/her paper, read the document.

To highlight text as you read, click the highlighter in the horizontal toolbar at the top of the page.

Click a color from the drop-down menu.

Note that a document owner may assign definitions to highlighting colors.

For example, yellow could mean "great word choice" and red could mean "poor word choice."

If the document owner uses the default highlighting settings, choose the colors you want to use from the highlighting menu.

4.Peer review your classmate's paper

Comment on the paper

After you've read your classmate's paper, add comments to share your peer review.

There are three ways you can comment on a document.

  1. You can comment on the sentence level
  2. You can comment on the paragraph level
  3. You can comment on the document as a whole

Find the sentence where you want to comment.

Hover over the sentence so that it highlights in blue and the surrounding paragraph highlights in gray.

Find the paragraph where you want to comment.

Hover over the paragraph so that it highlights in gray. Note that this is the same process for commenting on the document as a whole.

Double click on the sentence or paragraph so that it highlights in yellow. The "Start a new conversation" window will open.

In the "Start a new conversation" window, select the level on which you're commenting.

Write your comment in the "Summary of Comment" and "Full Comment" boxes.

Click Start Conversation.

Your comment will appear in the section.

i.Reply to a classmate's comment

See also the Reply to a Comment step-by-step guide for more information.

Find the comment to which you want to reply.

Click the Reply button below your classmate's name in their comment box.

In the "Reply" pop-up window, write your reply in the "Summary of Comment" and "Full Comment" boxes.

If you want your reply between you and your classmate to be private, click "Advanced Options."

In the drop-down section that appears, check the "Private Reply" box.

Click the Reply button.

Your reply will appear below your classmate's comment in the same comment box.

If you made a private reply, your comment will have a closed lock symbol.

ii.Suggest revisions to your classmate's paper

Note that the "Suggest Revision" feature works only on the sentence- and paragraph-levels.

Double click the section of your classmate's paper that you want to revise.The "Start a new conversation" pop-up window will open.

Click the Suggest Revision button in the top right corner of the window.

The section of the document that you double clicked will appear in the "Full Comment" box. Revise the text in this box.

Explain your revision to your classmate in the "Summary of Comment" box.

Click Suggest Change.


This walkthrough has gone over how to use NowComment for peer review. See our step-by-step guides for more information on how to use NowComment.

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