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Wiki Markup is a unique, easy-to-learn system for formatting text, images, wiki macros, and more. The majority of text formatting and inserting basic macros can easily be accomplished with the rich text editor. However, editing with wiki markup becomes essential for working with and customizing macros that require parameter settings. Wiki markup can also offer more predictable control over your content formatting. Note that although you can type wiki markup into the page when it is in edit mode, Confluence will convert it to the rich text editor format immediately. Therefore, you will not be able to edit the wiki markup after you type it in.


RELATIVE LINK: /display/KB/Wiki+Markup



#1 - Open Editor for a page.

#2 - Select link text in Editor (ex Confluence)

#3 - For a link to another page within the same Wiki Space there are three options:

  • SEARCH -  If page to link to is not listed as Recently Viewed, or the page is a different Wiki Space.
  • RECENTLY VIEWED - Link Option is the fastest if the page has been recently visited.
  • ADVANCED - Wiki Markup Option...(perhaps but not sure why it's called Advanced)

#4 - WEB LINKS: These would not be relative links since they are not links within the Confluence Wiki.

#5 - ATTACHMENTS: These should be automatically made into relative links as with pages.



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