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WordPress (SHANTI Pages)

The version of WordPress used by SHANTI Pages was upgraded to 3.8 on 1/11/2014.


WordPress allows you to quickly and easily create interactive, collaborative and rich media websites for a variety of purposes, from individual professional portfolios to group project sites. WordPress was originally designed for blogging, but is presently used widely in the world for a variety of purposes. It is easy to use without a programmer supporting you and is best for smaller-scale projects. Themes, plugins and widgets are plentiful, easy to install, and, therefore, highly customizable. The downside of WordPress is that customization is limited to those same themes, plugins and widgets. If you want to develop a large-scale website or need more flexibility, we suggest you take a look at Drupal.

Although one can readily get WordPress as a service on the open Web, UVa maintains its own customized WordPress server (called SHANTI Pages) and makes this service available for free to all members of the university community, including faculty, staff and students. Our installation of WordPress comes with dozens of themes and loads of plug-ins, but its simple interface allows for simple creation, customization and editing for ordinary people without programmer assistance. Go from idea to publication in no time at all!

UVa WordPress uses UVaCollab as a way to create new sites, assign editing privileges, and access your site for ongoing maintenance. Just go to the UVaCollab site in question, or create a new one, and then add the WordPress tool. It's that simple. If you want the site to be only used for a course, then create it through a UVaCollab course site; otherwise create a UVaCollab collaboration site. You may only use the UVaCollab site for managing your WordPress site; but it has the added advantage of also being able to share with the editor group access to other UVaCollab tools, such as the email list, discussion forum, resources, and so forth. Please understand - WordPress is only accessed through the UVaCollab site, but the interface for WordPress is not framed inside the UVaCollab interface, and you can make the WordPress site private or public as you like. In this way it is entirely unlike UVaCollab tools whose content is only intended to be viewed within UVaCollab.

See "How Do I Access WordPress?" below to learn more about these options.

If you are ready to learn more about using WordPress at UVa:

Who Might Be Interested in Using WordPress?

Essentially, WordPress will be useful to anyone who wants to have a website for posting information and rich media or as a space for sharing ideas and information. More specifically, WordPress supports a variety of common academic uses:

How Do I Access WordPress?

How Do I Use WordPress?

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