1. Click on Content
    • A drop-down menu will unfold
  2. Click on Edit Graphic Content
    • The "Edit Content" menu will appear
  3. In the drop-down menu next to "Edit Content," click on the pane containing the content you want to edit
    • A list of the content in that pane will appear
  4. Click on the content row you want to edit 
  5. In the "Settings" row, click on Zoom
    • A dialogue box will appear, allowing you to specify how the content is zoomed
  6. To set a zoom, choose from these two options:
    • "No Zoom": there will be no zoom on the content
    • "Zoom": create a Ken Burns-type pan and zoom on the content
  7. If you chose Zoom, use the "Duration" field to set how many seconds you want it to last
  8. If you chose Zoom, use the middle drop-down menu to choose the starting and ending places for the zoom
    • Click on Set Start to choose the starting position for the zoom (if you do not choose a starting position, it will start from the full screen)
    • Click on Set End to choose the ending position for the zoom
    • Click on No Start to move the start position back to the default (the full screen)
  9. Click on the yellow box and move it over the part of the content you want to be seen
  10. Make the image smaller or larger by dragging the box's bottom right corner
  11. Click on Ok