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SHANTI Pages (WordPress)

This Discussion is for all issues related to WordPress, a website and blog creation tool. To post a question, first click the Login button in the upper right-hand corner. Please feel free to post your questions and respond to other users' queries. If you have questions on how to submit a question or topic for discussion, please refer to our Two Minute Guide to Posting Questions.

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colleague gave me access to her site on Collab for a course from Spring '14. Most of the course material is on WordPress. When I clicked the WordPress button, I was prompted to email the colleague for permission to join the blog. Is that what I need ...
Cora Schenberg (cs5u) 04 Jan 0 -
Rodney Franklin Wilkins (rfw9dt) 28 Aug 0 -
Hi. I accidentally created two WordPress sites yesterday that I believe were attached to a Fall 2014 Collab site I just created. Unfortunately, when I deleted one of the WordPress sites, my Collab site did ...
Ed Triplett 16 Apr 0 -
I was added to a site as owner and had the ability to edit existing posts and add new ones. Today when I visit the site's dashboard, I cannot see the admin bar on the left (Posts, Links, Media, Pages, etc) and the "At a Glance ...
Ellen C. Ramsey (ecr2c) 23 Jan 3 William M. Shobe (wms5f) 24 Jan
Since my Firefox browser automatically updated to version 23, I am no longer able to access WordPress in my UVaCollab account. I understand this has something to do with the secure login via NetBadge and https. Has a fix been ...
Carole C. Lohman (ccl5u) 19 Aug 1 Christine C. Jewell (ccj2n) 19 Aug
possible to have custom avatars to go along with my students' names (or my name, for that matter) when they post/comment
Ashley M. Williams (amw9z) 10 Jan 1 Meredith V. Povisils (mvp5a) 10 Jan
I have some posts that don't really belong on the front page.  Is there a way I can restrict the posts displayed on my front page to a certain category by using a plugin
Meredith V. Povisils (mvp5a) 16 Oct 1 Meredith V. Povisils (mvp5a) 17 Oct
I was late getting my September newsletter post out and now it is archived in October.  Can I change the archive date
Meredith V. Povisils (mvp5a) 11 Oct 1 Meredith V. Povisils (mvp5a) 11 Oct
Hi, I have created a page for my students, where they have to post a picture and write a comment. How do they post a picture, if they are not editors
Cristina M. Ciudin (cmc4h) 03 Oct 1 Meredith V. Povisils (mvp5a) 03 Oct
our website (, we each have out own page and would like to put every post we make under our own page. How do we do that? Is it possible
Dalton Peter Stokes (dps3db) 21 Sep 1 Meredith V. Povisils (mvp5a) 25 Sep
I'm working with the Pagelines themes and I need to use tables to display some information. I confirmed on the WP forum that the theme has its own table formatting that is overriding everything I specify in the html. Here was the reply, which is entirely ...
Jessica L. Otey (jlo6r) 15 Sep 3 Rafael Candido Alvarado (rca2t) 19 Sep
I created a new page for my students where I wanted them to write their ideas. They are posting comments that do not appear on the page, but in a different place. How do I make them appear on the page
Cristina M. Ciudin (cmc4h) 12 Sep 2 Meredith V. Povisils (mvp5a) 13 Sep
I'm making a Wordpress site for a UVa program (the Program in Political and Social Thoughtsee it redirect from and so I'm attempting to comply with the Web Standards ( that indicate that the footer should contain the information ...
Jessica L. Otey (jlo6r) 11 Sep 2 Jessica L. Otey (jlo6r) 12 Sep
Can't find anything pertaining to this in the docs. Suggestions welcome
Bryan Pfaffenberger (bp) 09 Sep 4 Bryan Pfaffenberger (bp) 11 Sep
I have created a sample page and I would like to use it as my main page
Cristina M. Ciudin (cmc4h) 10 Sep 1 Meredith V. Povisils (mvp5a) 10 Sep
way to view and edit the theme template .php files?  I'm using Mmistique.  Thank you
Aurie Y. Hsu (ayh3d) 07 Jun 1 Christine C. Jewell (ccj2n) 30 Jun
I am trying to use cformsII to generate custom forms for a WordPress site. I have successfully activated the plugin, but I haven't been able to find the location of the cforms configuration. Can anyone point me to where the configuration page ...
George Collins Privon (gcp8y) 15 Jun 1 Christine C. Jewell (ccj2n) 30 Jun
Where can I find documentation about how to redirect an existing web page to a SHANTI Pages site
John A. Alexander (jaa9n) 26 Jul 2 Niya M. Bates (nmb8p) 08 Jul
Niya M. Bates (nmb8p) 01 May 1 Niya M. Bates (nmb8p) 01 May
I've set up a SHANTI page with the default domain name (pages.shanti.virginia), and I'm wondering if its possible to move it and still be hosed by uva? And if so, how I would go about doing that. I checked in a domain name registrar and the one ...
Patrick C. Fleming (pcf4r) 11 Sep 2 Rafael Candido Alvarado (rca2t) 30 Apr

tiny url:

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