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You can add videos from your computer. Use the steps below for videos under 2GB in size. You can import videos over 2GB if they have been uploaded to the web and have public URLs. In this case, please contact SHANTI staff. 

By default, visitors can't see new entries. To make your media file publicly available, check Availability & Access in the editor. 

  1. Log in to
  2. Create a collection if you haven't already
  3. Find the "Add to Your Collections" section 
    • This section is on the right, under the search icon
    • If you don't see the section, expand it by clicking the |< icon beneath the search icon
  4. Choose a collection from the drop-down menu
    • The drop-down menu will close and show the name of the collection 
  5. Click Upload a Video
    • The "Create Video" page will open
  6. Click Media
    • The "Media" section will unfold 
  7. Click Add Media
    • The "Add Media" dialog box will appear 
  8. Click the Choose File button
    • A dialog box showing files on your computer will open
  9. Open the file you want to add to Mandala
  10. The dialog box will close, and the file will appear in the "Upload Video" list
  11. Click Upload
    • When
      You'll see a progress bar for your upload
    • When the process is
      done, you'll see the file name
      in the Add Media box
      next to "Choose File" 
  12. Click Submit
    • The "Add Media" box will close
  13. Add your title in Title & Description section 
  14. Check the Availability & Access section
    • By default, only group members can see the entry; set this field to Public so all visitors can see it
  15. Click the sections below "Media" to add more settings
  16. Click Save
    • A message will confirm your new video