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Neatline was developed by the Uva UVA Scholars' Lab as a suite of tools for Omeka, a content management system for users who need to create collections. Neatline allows users to create rich exhibits of visual objects, including maps and images. These exhibits may include extensive interactive annotation. For example, a researcher might use Neatline to demonstrate the effects of deforestation by superimposing historic aerial images of forests over more recent images. The exhibit could then include forestry reports as the user explores the images. Find other demonstrations of Neatline in use at


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The Scholars' Lab provides support to students, faculty, and other members of the UVa UVA community who want to use Neatline. Scholars' Lab can help users set up instances of Neatline for courses or personal projects. For class use, it's important to integrate Neatline during the course-designing process. To effectively use Neatline in a course: start as early as possible (at least a month before you need to use Neatline); allocate class time towards completing a Neatline project; set realistic student expectations; and, emphasize function over aesthetics. Note: If you plan to integrate historic maps, begin the work and research early, because historic maps often require permission from the copyright holder.
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