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h1. The UVa Knowledge Base for Digital Technology

h6. Digital Technology, Methodologies & Applications for the UVa Academic Community


{span}{span2:class=hdr-qlinks}Quick Links: {span2}[WordPress|] :: [Kaltura|] :: [Confluence Wikis|] :: [VisualEyes|] :: [Audio-Video|], _[#more...]_{span}
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{excerpt}The UVa Knowledge Base is a community-built guide for the use of digital technology in our research, learning,\\ and engagement activities. The resources within include illustrated tutorials and use-case scenarios for academics. +*Consider contributing by logging in with your UVa computing ID, and adding your own experience and insights.+*{excerpt}



{div3:class=tzr-box uva-community-tools}
{div4:class=tzr-title}[UVa Community Tools|]{div4}
{div4:class=tzr-content}Innovative software solutions adapted for research, teaching, publication, and community engagement at UVa. We highly recommend this collection.{div4}

{div3:class=tzr-box ask-shanti}
{div4:class=tzr-title}[Ask SHANTI|]{div4}
{div4:class=tzr-content}When you're ready, our staff are too - find the answers quickly, ask basic or technical questions, request consultations, suggest new ideas.{div4}

{div3:class=tzr-box discussions}
{div4:class=tzr-content}Dive into the forums to find your answers today, or perhaps add to the discussions with your own questions, responses and thoughts.{div4}


{div3:class=tzr-box digital-technologies-overviews}
{div4:class=tzr-title}[Digital Technologies Overviews|]{div4}
{div4:class=tzr-content}Take a guided tour around the various information technologies available to you with a growing collection of case studies and tutorials.{div4}

{div3:class=tzr-box digital-teaching-and-learning}
{div4:class=tzr-title}[Digital Teaching & Learning|]{div4}
{div4:class=tzr-content}The transmission of knowledge is a deeply collaborative process that digital technology is transforming - explore with us these new creative horizons.{div4}

{div3:class=tzr-box digital-research}
{div4:class=tzr-title}[Digital Research|]{div4}
{div4:class=tzr-content}Research involves analysis, query, visualization, and interpretation. Explore with us tools enabling new approaches to these fundamental tasks.{div4}