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  1. Obtain the software locally from UVaCollab, not from  Current Required Version is 7.1819 as of 7/16/2018
    The latest version of the iClicker software combined with the files that make UVaCollab integration possible can be found on the Clicker site on UVaCollab. Once you have downloaded the appropriate zipped file, expand the files into a folder on your Home Directory or directly to your laptop if you don’t use the classroom computer for teaching. Click this link to join the site (requires log in to UVaCollab).
    • Download the appropriate ZIP file for either Windows or MacOS
    • Create a new folder on your Home Directory ( ) to hold your new files. The file version changes frequently, so it is a good practice to download a new set of files each semester. You can use a naming convention similar to 2018-spring-iclicker, 2018-fall-iclicker, etc., to keep the files separate.
    • Unzip the downloaded files to this directory.  Run the software directly from your new folder check for updates from within the program for optimal UVA/Sakai functionality.
  2. Install the iClicker Tool in Collab:
    In the UVACollab site for your course, install the iClicker Tool.  This will allow your students to register their devices for your class.
    • Site Info
    • Edit Tools
    • Check the box for iClicker
    • Save
  3. Verify Your Settings:
    The software ZIP file contains all of the necessary files you need. Please check to make sure the software is set up for use with our Sakai LMS (UVaCollab)
        1. Start iClicker 

        2. Select the New button to create a new course. Enter your course information and save 

        3. Choose your course 

        4. Select My Settings | CMS/Registration Tab | Sakai 

        Click Set for Course 

        iClicker provides videos explaining these requirements. Part 1: Setting Up iClicker Integrated, Step 1 has been done for you. I-Clicker's support pages provide video instructions for 

        • Setting up iClicker Integrate 

        • Synchronizing your Roster 

        • Uploading iClicker Polling Data into your LMS (UVaCollab) 

    iClicker also provides videos explaining these requirements.  Part 1: Setting Up iClicker Integrate, Step 1 has been done for you.