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General information

Shows KMap ID, controls whether the subject is public or private.

Public: When checked, makes the subject private.


Lists alternate names for the KMap.

Relationship: Describes how the name relates to the original KMap (eg. translation, orthographic).

Priority: Sets the order in which names are listed. Names with priority 0 become the label for the KMap.


A brief, "tweet-sized" description for the KMap. This appears in KMap previews throughout Mandala.



A longer description for the KMap. This appears on the KMap page in Subjects or Places.



A single image that is representative of the subject or place. Other images, including those that relate to the subject or place but do not illustrate it, can be added using Images in Mandala. Learn more about this feature with Add Illustrations to KMaps.


Subject Codes

A code that identifies the Subject. Mandala Subjects automatically assigns a unique ID to each KMap, but you may want to add other codes for your own purposes


Subject Relations

Assigns related subjects. This is also used to create child KMaps for a subject. Learn more at Add a New KMap.



This is a legacy option. You should use Texts in Mandala if you want to add a longer essay to your Knowledge Map.