Confluence is a feature-rich wiki for rapid and collaborative website creation. It is integrated into UVaCollab as a tool that can be used for any course or collaboration site. Confluence simplifies publishing online while still allowing for powerful, automated features like footnotes, tables of contents, labels to aid the searching of pages by content, and much more. UVa maintains its own Confluence server for use by all members of the university community.

Common uses include:

  • Collect documentation
  • Maintain class schedules and timelines
  • Set goals and assign work
  • Develop collaborative outlines
  • Solicit and receive feedback among groups
  • Create and manage organizations

As a platform, Confluence works well for the purposes of teaching, learning, research and outreach.

More details can be found here:

Step-by-Step Guides

The latest version of Confluence is 5.x and is written in Java.  This version brings a host of changes, including a significantly improved look and feel as well as the ability to customize many of the your site's features and add themes. This site's theme is "RefinedWiki." To learn more about using Confluence, see the Atlassian Documentation Page and click on Confluence. For errors and problems, see our troubleshooting guide.