The "div" function in Juxta allows you to add sections, such as chapters. You can view these sections and navigate directly to them in the document view. You can order them into a hierarchy and give each one a heading, such as a chapter number. In a later release of Juxta, this feature will allow you to create a table of contents.

  1. Open the document to which you want to add the "Div"
  2. Click in the document where you want to place the "Div"
  3. Click on Insert Div
  4. Click in the bar on Untitled Div
  5. In the "Heading" section, type in the title of the "Div"
  6. Click on Done
  7. In the lower left corner, click on the icon showing four horizontal lines
  8. Click on one of the "Divs" to be brought to that section in the edition